Entry #21

New Remix! New Tunes!

2013-03-02 00:06:41 by 15thDimension

So we meet once again, eh?

It's been a dang while since I made a news post of the ol' Newgrounds page, so here's the run down on the happenings of late:

First of all, I was recently given the opportunity to do a remix of Matthew Parker's "Close to You" for an upcoming remix EP. However, I wasn't able to post it on Newgrounds for legal reasons, so you can check it out on my Youtube channel:

Also, I recently released a new original track myself so if you haven't heard that yet, be sure to do so: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/525464

Aside from that, I'm also thinking about potentially releasing an EP in the future. I'm thinking about including 3 or 4 originals, and remaking one of my older songs up to my standards today, so if you have a suggestion for an older song to remake I'm all ears. As always, you can stay up to date by keeping an eye on Facebook, Youtube and SoundCloud:

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So until next time,



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2013-03-19 00:05:42

DUDE! how can this have no comments! its awsome!!!