Four months later...

2012-04-19 21:13:43 by 15thDimension

And another news post! - being surprisingly insufficient in the news department.

Anyway I do actually attempt to update stuff more frequently on my Facebook and SoundCloud pages, and if I actually had more followers and likes and what have you I'd probably be more inclined to do more with those accounts.

That said, if you want to hear more work in progress stuffs and hearable things, head on over to my SoundCloud Page and give me a follow. If you wanna hear about more general updates and occasional ramblings of sorts any likes to my Facebook page you happen to have on you would be much appreciated as well.

And as always, there's always my YouTube account for those of you who like hearing songs in stunning state-of-the-art low quality. Just saying.

Also, expect some tracks soon - I've got some pretty awesome projects coming up!




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