15thDimension's News

Top 5? Zomg!

2010-12-29 08:47:18 by 15thDimension

Just wanted to make a quick news post to thank everyone for listening and voting on my song.



Whoa it's a news post!

2010-11-27 16:03:30 by 15thDimension

Erm... too bad I don't have much to put in it. I can't believe it practically been a year since my last one.


Pressing on!

2010-01-02 11:49:12 by 15thDimension

Well it's a new year. I'm hoping for some improvement on my audio submissions, now that I bought FL Studio. I plan to make some submissions of some piano-only pieces, and a few ambient songs.

wish me luck!

Merry Chistmas everyone!

2009-12-25 07:54:30 by 15thDimension

I was gonna make a song especially for Christmas, but I didn't cause I forgot.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Ok so maybe I lied.

2009-11-22 17:09:19 by 15thDimension

I guess I just enjoy songs to much to make them and not share them..
so regardless of 0-bombs, I'm posting music.

Well, this may be it.

2009-11-21 18:16:01 by 15thDimension

I'm getting tired of my songs getting zero-bombed. I don't think I will be submitting music here, or at least for a while. Songs just don't have a chance any more with these jerks doing what they do.
Not that anyone really cares, but if I do stop submitting, I probably post a link.


Im on a new flight! (so to speak)

2009-09-11 17:40:07 by 15thDimension

Well, ok, so my music isn't all that bad, but it's not really that great. I tried something new. Check out my new song "new flight" it's very different.


2009-08-27 17:55:53 by 15thDimension

Well ive made a lot of songs. I can only hope they'll get better and better. Check out "Destiny"

New songs!

2009-08-08 15:44:21 by 15thDimension

Hey just saying I made some new songs, I highty reccomend the Ascent V2/Through the Air.

no, I'm not gone.

2009-07-02 22:37:24 by 15thDimension

I AM making another song. Well, in fact I already made it, but im just tweaking it up. Should be on by tommorow night.